Boris Nikolaevich Gikal

Chief Engineer of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Boris N. Gikal, Doctor of Engineering Science.

Date and place of birth:

2 November 1953, township Pospelikha, Pospelikha region, Altai Territory, USSR


  • 1977 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, engineer-physicist
  • 1989 Candidate of Technical Science in specialty physics of charged particle beams and accelerator technology (Thesis “System of Axial Injection of Ions into Cyclotron U-200”)
  • 2014 Doctor of Engineering Science in specialty physics of charged particle beams and accelerator technology (Thesis “New Generation of Heavy Ion Cyclotrons for Applied Research and Industrial Application”)

Professional career:

  • 1977 Engineer, LNR JINR
  • 1982 Head of Cyclotron U-200, LNR JINR
  • 1983 Head of accelerator facility U-400, LNR JINR
  • 1997 Head of accelerator facilities, LNR JINR
  • 2007 Head of scientific-technological department of accelerators, LNR JINR
  • Since 2017 Chief Engineer JINR

Scientific and organizational activities:

  • Member of RAS Council on accelerators of charged particles
  • Member of dissertation council D 720.001.06 – of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
  • Member of the Organizing Committee ECPM (European Cyclotron Progress Meeting)
  • Member of the Programme Committee of the International seminar on problems of charged particle accelerators after Professor V.P.Sarantsev
  • Member of Technical Council JINR
  • Member of Scientific-Technical Council of LNR JINR
  • 2000‒2002 Scientific-technical leader of the project to upgrade cyclotron IC-100 LNR JINR
  • 2004‒2006 Scientific-technical leader of the project of cyclotron DC-60 developed at LNR JINR for research centre of the Gumilev Eurasian University, Astana Kazakhstan
  • 2009‒2012 Scientific-technical leader of the project of cyclotron DC-110 developed at LNR JINR for the scientific industrial complex “BETA”, Dubna
  • Since 1995 to the present time, took a direct part in establishment and development of the accelerator complex U-400. The intense beam of 48Ca ions obtained at the cyclotron U-400 has been used in experiments on the synthesis of new superheavy elements. 6 heaviest elements of the Mendeleev Table with numbers 113, 114, 115, 116, 117 and 118 have been synthesized. The results of this research made the basis of the project of a new complex – “Superheavy Elements Factory” based on the cyclotron DC-280.

Educational activities:

  • Professor, Nuclear Physics Chair, State University “Dubna”
  • Diploma papers and Theses supervising
  • Lecturer at international schools for young scientists at JINR, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan

Research interests:

Charged particle accelerator physics. Work-out of projects and development of heavy ion cyclotrons for scientific research and applications.

Scientific publications:

Author of 173 publications in scientific journals and conference Proceedings.

Awards and Prizes:

  • Laureate of JINR Prizes (10) for the best scientific, scientific methods and scientific-technical applied activities (1989, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2014);
  • Decoration in Labour “Veteran of Atomic Energy and Industry” (2003);
  • The Medal of the Cosmonautics Federation of Russia “50 years of the space flight by Yu.A.Gagarin” (2011);
  • The Honorary Diploma of JINR (2006);
  • The Honorary Diploma of the Federal Agency of Atomic Energy (2007);
  • The note of acknowledgement of the ROSATOM State Corporation on Atomic Energy (2011);
  • The Honorary Diploma of the Mayor of the Dubna city (2016).
  • Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of the second degree (2022)


Boris N. GIKAL


Boris Nikolaevich GIKAL


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