Latchesar Krumov Kostov

Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Dr. Latchesar K. Kostov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.

Date and place of birth:

11 October 1953, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Education and degrees:

  • 1973-1978 Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics, Sofia University St. Kliment Okhridski
  • 1984 PhD in Physics (Thesis “Sub-nanosecond isomers in nuclei with different degree of deformation”)

Professional career:

  • 1978-2021 Physicist, researcher and senior researcher at the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 1979–1982 Guest-Researcher at the Central Institute for Nuclear Research, Rossendorf of the Academy of Sciences of German Democratic Republic
  • 1996-1997 Chairman of the Committee on the Use of Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes (now Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency)
  • 2006-2013 Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency
  • 2013–2020 Chairman of the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency
  • 1995-2021 Project manager of many projects in the field of nuclear structure investigations, characterisation of radioactively contaminated lands, environmental radioactivity, nuclear safety etc.

Scientific and organizational activity:

  • 1995-2021Member of the Expert Council in Department of Nuclear Physics in INRNE
  • 2006-2020 Plenipotentiary of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria in JINR
  • 2008-2012 Member of the Scientific Technical Committee of EURATOM
  • 2015-2021 Member of the Supervisory Board of the NICA Complex project
  • 2020-2021 Member of the NICA Schedule and Cost Review Committee

Educational activities:

Supervision of graduation and PhD theses.

Research interests:

  • Experimental investigations of nuclear structure
  • Transmutation and nuclear energy,
  • Environmental radioactivity,
  • Rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated lands,
  • Radiation protection.

Scientific publications:

Author of more than 100 scientific papers in nuclear structure, environmental radioactivity, transmutation, radiation protection.


  • National Prize in Science and Technic for young scientists;
  • Honorary Doctor of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia ;
  • Honorary Sign ‘’For Contributions to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
  • Honorary Member of the Union of the Physicists in Bulgaria;
  • Rosatom’s medal for contribution to the international cooperation;
  • Honorary Sign of the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Sofia, Bulgaria.


Latchesar K. Kostov




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