Cooperation with Tula region. Next step

Media, 22 April 2022

On 21-23 April, a JINR delegation is having a working visit to Tula. A series of working meetings and scientific lectures are organized within the programme of the visit. The delegation included Head of Social Infrastructure Management Office Andrey Tamonov, MLIT JINR Director Vladimir Korenkov, LRB Scientific Secretary Igor Koshlan, and employees of FLNP, FLNR, MLIT. JINR scientists in cooperation with representatives of Tula State University and Tula State Lev Tolstoy University are going to deliver lectures on mathematics and IT, materials science, biology and physics, chemistry during the 3-day visit. Moreover, the programme of the visit includes acquaintance with the work of the universities’ laboratories. The visit has been organized to develop further cooperation established in October last year.

Andrey Tamonov is a graduate of Tula State University. Commenting on the visit, he talked about directions of cooperation between Dubna and the Tula region. “The JINR-TSU cooperation was actively developed in the 1990s – 2000s. Many students came to JINR for pre-graduation practice then. In autumn 2021, representatives of the Administration of the Tula region and the heads of TSU and TSPU visited JINR. The visit gave a new impetus to the development of our cooperation,” he noted. “This time, we have agreed on further steps. One of the first initiatives of our visit to Tula is landing of our lecturers in the Tula region. Active scientific communication took place in the framework of seminars. Moreover, working contacts have been established. They can intensify the cooperation giving it new directions. We also hope to involve students in the educational programmes of the UC JINR.”

Photos by Daniil Rybak, TSU

On 21 April, JINR scientists took part in a seminar in the Conference Hall of the TSU Scientific Council. The seminar brought together a large audience of scientists and teachers, as well as students of educational institutions of the city. Scientists of JINR and TSU delivered their reports on scientific projects in materials science.

JINR representatives had a meeting with First Deputy Governor of the Tula region Vyacheslav Fedorishchev to discuss cooperation with the REC “Tula TECH”. It was proposed to produce high-tech products for large JINR projects at Tula enterprises. In addition, the parties discussed cooperation development in stuff training and the potential creation of a JINR Information Centre on the platform of Tula State University.

Photo by Government of Tula region

“Cooperation with JINR is a serious step towards the development of science in the region. Partnership with an international scientific centre of such a high level will significantly increase potential and prospects for Tula scientists,” Vyacheslav Fedorishchev highlighted.

On 22 April, lectures of the sections “Chemistry, Biology, and Physics” and “Mathematics and IT” were delivered at Tula State Lev Tolstoy University.

At the end of the visit, the JINR delegation had a meeting with Minister of Education of the Tula region Alevtina Sheveleva. The parties discussed their cooperation in educational programmes for school students. Tula school students were invited to the Joint Institute for a tour. As for physics teachers of the Tula region, they were invited to take part in the School for physics teachers in June-July this year provided by the UC JINR.