Interview with heads of Bulgarian and Serbian diplomatic missions

Interview, 10 November 2021

On 8 November, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to the Russian Federation Atanas Krastin visited the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. His visit was organized on the platform of the 19th international training programme “JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries” (JEMS-19). On the same day, Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Serbia in the Russian Federation Slavoljub Carić arrived at JINR to discuss cooperation in the framework of the fulfillment of the Roadmap of Serbian-JINR Cooperation. Mr. Carić also joined the JEMS-19 programme to get acquainted with the Institute. Besides, the representative of Serbia visited the JINR interactive exhibition as a part of the programme.

Interview with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to the Russian Federation Atanas Krastin

“Mr. Ambassador, it is your second visit to JINR in a short period of time. Is it related to the Year of Bulgaria in JINR? Please, share the goals of your visit.”

“I am glad that I visit the Joint Institute for the second time within a short time. The JEMS training programme is taking place these days. A large delegation of Bulgarian scientists, specialists in relevant fields, and scientific leaders of Bulgaria are participating in it. And I was glad to accept an invitation of the JINR Directorate to join this significant event.

Details of today’s lectures and excursions are largely better understandable for our specialists and scientists. And for me, the most important issue is that we work together very well. A number of important meetings are scheduled for November in Bulgaria at the session of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives of the Governments of the JINR Member States. It is a pleasure for us to host this event. It demonstrates our strong relationship. Bulgaria is one of the founding states of the Institute, and we hope to support and enhance our contacts.”

“How do you rate current Bulgarian-JINR cooperation?”

“This cooperation means a lot for us. We value the fact that Bulgarian scientists work here, there is even a Bulgarian representative in the Institute’s Directorate. I assume that this reflects deep mutual interest in cooperation.”

“Was the JINR Information Centre at Sofia University opened in September one of the steps towards the development of this cooperation?”

“Yes, it was. This Centre is the fruit of the Bulgarian-JINR cooperation. The Joint Institute in Dubna is a well-known scientific centre, one of the leading ones in the world. Sofia University was glad to become a site for the JINR Information Centre. At the end of the month, a number of events are planned there at which JINR employees will acquaint wide Bulgarian society with the Institute’s activities.”

“Have you had an opportunity to talk to the Bulgarian delegation? What are their impressions?”

“Our delegation consists of representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, heads of leading technical universities, researchers in the fields of physics. We had a chance to discuss what we have seen at JINR, and they are deeply impressed. The Institute’s scientific agenda is exceptionally important. These results will be useful in various domains. Bulgarian scientists are interested in participating in the NICA megascience project and in a number of other JINR projects as well.”

“Have you seen anything new during this visit?”

“There are new projects emerging at the Institute annually. Today, new scientific facilities under construction at JINR have drown my attention. A rich programme of the previous visit did not allow me to devote enough time to such excursions, so this time I have reserved a whole day for acquaintance with your scientific infrastructure. And I am very glad of this opportunity.”

Interview with Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Serbia in the Russian Federation Slavoljub Carić

“Mr. Carić, please tell us about the purposes of your visit today.”

“The key purpose of the visit is, certainly, development of cooperation between JINR and the Republic of Serbia, as well as assistance of the Embassy of Serbia in the Russian Federation to this process. In order to make this cooperation most fruitful and active, the current JEMS training programme for heads and specialists of research and educational institutions of Bulgaria and Serbia was organized.”

“How do you evaluate the current status of cooperation between Serbia and JINR?”

“Our cooperation is actively developing. We are also planning one more step to develop new direction of our cooperation in the future. It deals with opening the JINR Information Centre at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia.”

“What do you think about the prospects of this cooperation?”

“This is my second visit to Dubna, the previous one was in March 2020. I hope that Serbia will be a full-fledged Member State of JINR by my third visit here.”

“What are your impressions of today, have you seen anything new?”

“We got acquainted with the JINR flagship megascience project NICA. Today I have also visited the JINR interactive exhibition. It was amazing and impressive. It was interesting to find out the process of JINR development from the moment of its foundation to the 65th anniversary celebrated this year.”

Photos by Igor Lapenko

Heads of Bulgarian and Serbian diplomatic missions visited JINR within scientists from these countries