A meeting of JINR Director with representatives of the Nuclear Energy Agency of Mongolia

News, 24 March 2014

On 24 March, a meeting of JINR Director Academician V.A. Matveev was held with Head of the Nuclear Energy Agency of Mongolia (NEAM) N. Tehgshbayar and Head of the Department of Radiation Safety of NEAM Z. Damdinsurehn, who came to Dubna to participate in the events on 26 March.

During the talks, issues of development of cooperation of JINR with Mongolia were discussed. N. Tehgshbayar (whose speciality is a theoretical physicist) noted high quality of training of Mongolian specialists in JINR, many of whom defended their Candidate and Doctoral theses afterwards. N. Tehgshbayar expressed hope that training of high-quality specialists in JINR will be continued and they could continue their work in Mongolia in the most urgent fields of research. A significant contribution of famous Mongolian scientist N. Sodnom whose 90th anniversary was celebrated last year to establishment and development of JINR was noted.

N. Tehgshbayar invited JINR Director to visit Mongolia at his convenience.

Participants of the meeting congratulated Z. Damdinsurehn on his birthday, which happened to be that day.

LRB Director E.A. Krasavin, Head of LIT Sector O.Chuluunbaatar and ICD Chief Engineer M.G.Loshchilov participated in the meeting.