Selected JINR scientific results of 2017-2023

Publications, 11 July 2024

A review of selected scientific results obtained at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research as part of the Seven-year plan for the development of the Institute (2017–2023) was published.

The following topics are presented:

  • NICA Accelerator Complex;
  • Superheavy Element Factory;
  • U-400M Cyclotron Complex;
  • reconstruction of the U-400(R) Cyclotron Complex;
  • theoretical physics;
  • high-energy heavy-ion physics;
  • particle physics;
  • low-energy heavy-ion physics;
  • neutrino physics and astrophysics;
  • neutron nuclear physics;
  • condensed matter physics;
  • development of the IBR-2 Spectrometer Complex;
  • radiation and radiobiological research;
  • applied research and life sciences;
  • networks, information technology, and computational physics;
  • JINR educational programme.