Winter meeting of PAC for Nuclear Physics

Organization, 20 January 2021

On 22 January 2021, the 53rd meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics chaired by M. Lewitowicz will take place in JINR as a video conference.

M. Lewitowicz will open the event with a report on the implementation of the recommendations of the previous PAC meeting (June 2020). JINR Vice-Director S. N. Dmitriev will present information on the Resolution of the 128th session of the JINR Scientific Council (September 2020) and on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (November 2020).

V. K. Utyonkov in his talk will present the status of the first experiments at the Superheavy Element Factory and its future scientific programme. V. Chudoba will report on the results of the first experiments with the ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator. Participants of the meeting will consider proposals for opening two new projects, namely “Modernization of the EG-5 accelerator and development of its experimental infrastructure” (A. S. Doroshkevich) and “BECQUEREL” (P. I. Zarubin). S. I. Tyutyunnikov and E. A. Levterova will make a proposal to extend the “E&T&RM” project. Moreover, PAC NP members will consider the report on the theme “Non-accelerator neutrino physics and astrophysics” and the proposals for its extension presented by E. A. Yakushev.

The programme of the event also includes a meeting of Members of the Committee with the JINR Directorate.

At the end of the event, participants of the meeting will make proposals for the programme of the next meeting scheduled for June 2021. Presentation of adopted recommendations of the PAC NP to members of the Directorate and directors of the JINR laboratories will conclude the 53rd meeting of the PAC NP.

  Programme of 53rd meeting of PAC for Nuclear Physics