AYSS seminar in JINR Scientists’ Club


On 26 January 2023, at 4:15 PM, the Association of Young Scientists and Specialists of JINR invites you to the next seminar that will take place in the hall of the JINR Scientists’ Club (6, Joliot-Curie street, left side).

DLNP JINR junior researcher Mikhail Zarubin will make a presentation “Protection against radiation using tardigrade proteins”.

Abstract: The most radio-resistant animal on Earth is the tardigrade Ramazzottius varieornatus. Unique proteins of the tardigrades (TDPs) play a key role in stress resistance. The study of such proteins is important for understanding the principles of extreme resistance of living organisms to harsh environment. Moreover, it serves as a basis for the development of applied technologies in medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy, and biology of space flights.The seminar will provide an overview of the research being conducted in this field, as well as experiments with the DNA protection protein of the tardigrades Dsup (Damage suppressor), conducted at the DLNP JINR Sector of Molecular Genetics of Cell.

There will be a small coffee break at 4:00 PM, which precedes the seminar. The report will start at 4:15 PM.

If you are going to join the event of 26 January, please take part in the survey via the link not later than 4:00 PM 25 January.

Records of AYSS seminars are available via the link