16th Winter School “Actual Cosmology”

News, 01 February 2021

The 16th Winter School “Actual Cosmology”, organized by the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of JINR in the framework of the DIAS-TH Programme started today.


  • Dark matter
  • Dark energy
  • Inflation and alternatives
  • Baryon asymmetry
  • Primordial black holes
  • Quantum cosmology
  • Observational cosmology
  • Pending experiments of cosmological interest

The School Programme is available via the link.

The school is aimed at young theorists and experimentalists who are either already working in the field of gravity and cosmology, or are moving from quantum field theory and high energy physics to mathematical, theoretical or observational cosmology.

Lecturers of the school are such prominent scientists as Anton Baushev (BLTP JINR), Alexander Dolgov (Novosibirsk State Univ.), Alexander Filippov (BLTP JINR), Dmitry Gorbunov (INR RAS), Alexander Kamenshchik (Bologna U. and Landau Inst.), Evgeny Kolomoitsev (BLTP JINR), Vyacheslav Mukhanov (Munich U.), Konstantin Postnov (SAI MSU), Valery Rubakov (INR RAS), Mikhail Shaposhnikov (Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne), Alexey Starobinsky (Landau Inst.), Alexey Toporensky (SAI MSU).

The School will continue its work up to 7 February.