41st European Cyclotron Progress Meeting

News, 31 August 2018

On 3 – 5 September 2018, the 41st European Cyclotron Progress Meeting will be held in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The European Cyclotron Progress Meeting (ECPM) is devoted to the physics and technology of cyclotrons, their applications in science, medicine and industry, and to related topics. Status reports on existing facilities as well as innovative developments and progress reports on evolving projects will be presented.

During three days of the meeting, participants will deliver scientific reports. There will be reports on the status of existing facilities including the new DC-280 cyclotron, ACCULINNA-2 at the U400M cyclotron, the NICA collider, SHE Factory as well as cyclotrons based abroad such as JYFL cyclotrons, UCL, JULIC and etc.

The meeting will be concluded by the visit to the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where participants will be acquainted with running and constructing cyclotrons of JINR.