Scalar solitons, boson stars and hairy black holes


Seminar “Modern Mathematical Physics”

Date and Time: Tuesday, 6 October 2020, at 1:00 PM

Venue: Online conference in Zoom, Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

Seminar topic: «Scalar solitons, boson stars and hairy black holes»

Authors: J.Kunz (Oldenburg), I.Perapechka (BSU, Minsk) and Ya. Shnir (BLTP, Dubna)

Speaker: Ya. Shnir


We review our recent works on investigation of topological and non-topological solitons in scalar field theory in flat and curved spacetime. First, we study collision dynamics of solitons in 1+1 dim non-integrable models and discuss a new mechanism of resonance energy transfer between the translational mode of the solitons and collective excitations of the perturbative spectrum. We describe a new mechanism of interaction between the solitons related to the existence of localized collective fermionic modes. Considering the gauged generalization of the 3+1 dim Fridberg-Lee-Sirlin model we found a new family of stationary localized solutions and investigate their properties. Further, our study of multisoliton solutions of the Skyrme-type models reveals strong dependency on the structure of the potential. We discuss a new class of stationary solutions of the Einstein-Skyrme theory in asymptotically flat spacetime with Kerr geometry, and in the asymptotically AdS spacetime. We found a family of new axially-symmetric solutions of the massive Einstein-Klein-Gordon theory, which represent stationary spinning matter field in synchronous rotation with the event horizon and investigate the stability of the configurations. Finally, we discuss new solutions of the Einstein-Dirac theory, which represent fermionic modes trapped by a strong gravitational field.

(in connection with the nomination for the JINR award)