About high-temperature superconducting hydrides in FLNP

News, 24 September 2020

On September 21, a joint laboratory seminar “High-temperature superconducting hydrides: current status” was held in the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

Presentations were made by Artem Oganov, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Mineralogical Association of America, member of the Academy of Europe Academia Europaea, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, MIPT, NPU (China)) and Dmitry Semenok (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology). The seminar, which was also live-streamed online, gathered many participants in the FLNP Conference Hall. Artem Oganov, a crystallographer by education, has developed the USPEX programme that allows predicting and obtaining stable chemical compounds with specified properties, including those that are considered “forbidden” in conventional chemistry. Together with his group, he is engaged in research of high-temperature superconductors. Dmitry Semenok spoke about the latest results obtained in this area – superconducting metal hydrides. The speakers took an interest in the possibilities of cooperation with FLNP and the use of neutron scattering for research of novel materials.

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Photos by Elena Puzynina