Arrival of MPD Solenoid in Dubna

News, 03 November 2020

These days, one of the most important stages in the creation of the basic elements of the MPD detector of the NICA collider complex which is a mega-science project being implemented at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in the frames of the RF National project “Science”. Parts of the magnet developed by the ASG company by order of JINR are being transported from Italy to Dubna.

A unique magnet produced by the JINR order at ASG superconductors in Genoa is a cryostat with a superconducting winding fixed inside it. In order not to damage such a complex engineering construction, which is a cylinder 5.6 m in diameter and 8 m in length, it was placed for transportation in a metal container of a larger size which is equipped with shock sensors. The container’s total weight is 120 tons. Because of its large size, the transportation of the magnet can be carried out only by water, and its delivery should be done before the navigation is closed. Finally, the last 2.8 km part of the journey from the Dubna river port to its destination point in the MPD experimental hall where two beams of NICA will be collided should be traveled by a special vehicle with following all precautions. To do this, it will have to temporarily dismantle electrical cables and other communication lines of the town that will be on the vehicle’s way. After unloading and unpacking the cryostat will be installed to high precision in an iron yoke of a 700-ton magnet, the installation of which has already been started in the MPD hall.

The magnet is unique in both size and high uniform magnetic field. All detecting systems of the MPD detector will be placed inside the magnet. The parameters of the magnet and other detector systems will make it possible to reconstruct the processes that occur during the ion collision in the NICA collider with high accuracy.

The international collaboration that includes more than 500 scientists from 40 scientific centers of five continents takes an active part in the creation of detector systems and the preparation of experimental studies at the collider.

When the unique magnet arrived in Port Bronka of St. Petersburg the complex logistics operation was not finished. The magnet was loaded onto a barge which set sail to Dubna in the following way: the Neva river – Lake Ladoga – Lake Onega – Lake Beloye – Rybinsk Reservoir – the Volga river – the Dubna river. The cargo’s arrival at the port of the Dubna river and reloading to the platform with a tractor-trailer is expected on November 5. It is planned to start the transportation to JINR early in the morning (8.00 AM) on November 6.

Laboratory of High Energy Physics of JINR

Transhipment of MPD magnet in Bronka port. Photo: press office “Bronka Group” JSC