At solemn opening of street named after D. V. Shirkov

News, 29 March 2021

On 27 March, a new street named after Academician Dmitry Vasilievich Shirkov was solemnly opened in Dubna.

Head of Dubna Sergey Kulikov, JINR leaders headed by Director Grigory Trubnikov and Scientific Leader Victor Matveev, staff members of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics whose Director in mid-1990s was Academician Shirkov, and the large family of Shirkovs gathered for the solemn opening ceremony.

“Dmitry Vasilievich is one of the brightest representatives of the Nikolay Bogoliubov’s school, his colleague,” JINR Scientific Leader Academician Victor Matveev reminded participants of the event. “Together with Nikolay Nikolaevich, he made a lot to train a galaxy of talented theoreticians. His contribution to the development of our Institute, our science, and the spread of information about our Institute in the world is of a world level, it is the largest possible contribution to world science,” JINR Scientific Leader noted in his speech on the occasion of the opening ceremony.

The street was named after Academician Shirkov several months ago, and on 27 March, it was solemnly opened with a memorial plaque placed on the facade of the first building of the street. The street is located between Veksler street and Blokhintsev street, right behind the Dubna Hotel. It has not got a name yet as far as the facades of the buildings located there face Veksler and Blokhinstev streets. This street has been long existing in Dubna. The age of it is approximately equal to the age of Dubna. Academician Dmitry Shirkov lived next to it with his family. The Shirkov-Makushin-Rastopchin dynasty represented in Dubna by the family of Academician Dmitry Vasilievich Shirkov has more than 250 years of fruitful work in the fields of education and science.

Natalia Teryaeva, Photos by Igor Lapenko