Best poster presentations of young scientists at PAC meetings

Organization, 30 January 2023

Meetings of the JINR Programme Advisory Committees took place in January. Young scientists of the Joint Institute traditionally presented their research at the PACs.

The members of the Committees chose the winners of poster presentations:

  • At the meeting of the PAC for Condensed Matter Physics, 10 poster presentations were made. Presentation “Development of lithium-ion batteries with increased specific energy” by a researcher of the FLNP JINR Department of Neutron Investigations of Condensed Matter Meir Yerdauletov was selected as the best.

  • The PAC for Particle Physics reviewed 18 posters presented by young scientists from VBLHEP, MLIT, and DLNP. A report “A study of the correlation between the kinetic energy of a track and its energy response in the ZDC for run 7 of the BM@N experiment” made by a fellow researcher of the Sector of Investigations of Baryonic Matter and Development of Experimental Facility of VBLHEP JINR Ksenia Alishina was chosen as the best at the PAC meeting for Particle Physics.

The PAC members for Condensed Matter Physics also noted two more virtual poster presentations of a high level: “BIOHLIT — information system for radiobiological research” by an LRB junior researcher Inna Kolesnikоva and “Pressure-induced phase transition in a nanostructured zinc ferrite” by an FLNP junior researcher Nadezhda Belozerova. Upon the Committee’s recommendations, the authors will receive diplomas for successful presentations.

The winners will present their reports at the 133rd meeting of the JINR Scientific Council, which will be held on 16 – 17 February.

We congratulate the young scientists and wish them further academic success!