Book about outstanding scientist Yulian Budagov

Publications, 23 December 2022

The JINR Publishing Department issued a book “Yulian Aramovich Budagov… promised to live to 100” by Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems Vadim Bednyakov. The book was written in memory of a talented scientist, world-class experimental physicist, organizer of science, Professor Yulian Aramovich Budagov.

Yulian Budagov made a significant contribution to the creation of large experimental facilities and obtaining physical results of fundamental scientific significance. He initiated and directly supervised the cooperation of JINR and some Russian heavy-industry enterprises with the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory in Dallas (USA). Under his leadership, a unique laser-based metrological culture for precision assembly of a large massive detectors was developed and highly accurate construction of the large calorimetric complex for the ATLAS experiment was carried out.

Yulian Budagov was one of the initiators of JINR’s participation in the research programme for the International Linear Collider (ILC), the 21st century’s largest accelerator.

In the last years, Yulian Budagov focused on the development of new-generation precision laser metrology. Unique precision laser inclinometers developed under his supervision are protected by several patents of the Russian Federation.

The research results of the scientist were published in the well-known scientific journals of the Soviet Union, Russia, Western Europe and the United States, and in proceedings of large international conferences.

The book is available on the website of the JINR Publishing Department via the link.