Booklet “Materials science at Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics”

Publications, 23 March 2023

A new booklet “Materials science at Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics” was published by the JINR Publishing Department. It presents examples of notable materials research performed within the scientific programme of FLNP.

Considering the legacy of the laboratory in applying neutrons for condensed matter research, one of its missions is focused on the studies of structure and internal dynamics of functional materials at atomic and nanoscale levels. The question of how the scientists can contribute to resolving the challenges of humanity becomes in the case of FLNP the question of how we use neutrons. The booklet documents the use of neutron scattering and complementary methods for aiding a design of new materials and advancing existing materials to fulfil the needs of state-of-the-art applications, ranging from origins of magnetism to magnets in spintronics, nanoporous silica composites to liquid dispersions of nanodiamonds, novel ferrofluids to hexaferrites, or energy storage nanomaterials to shape memory alloys.