Boris Gikal turns 70

News, 02 November 2023

On 2 November 2023, a famous scientist in the fields of accelerator physics and technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Engineer of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Boris Gikal celebrates his 70th anniversary.

Boris Gikal has been working at JINR for more than 45 years. His career began in 1977 after graduating from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in the Department of FLNR Basic Facilities as an engineer in the U-200 cyclotron group.

From 1982, Boris Gikal was a shift supervisor of the U–200 cyclotron. From 1983, he headed the U-400 accelerator facility. From 1997, he was the head of the FLNR accelerator facilities, and from 2007, he headed the Scientific and Technological Department of Accelerators. Since April 2017, he has been working as the Chief Engineer of the Institute.

In 1989, Gikal defended his dissertation to obtain a degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. In 2014, he got a degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Boris Gikal’s professional activity is connected with creating new accelerator technology and providing high-intensity heavy-ion beams of high quality for physical experiments. Under his leadership, for the first time in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, specialists implemented a system of axial beam injection into a cyclotron. In addition, intense beams of calcium-48 ions were obtained at the U-400 cyclotron, which was the basis for a successful synthesis of new superheavy elements, and IC-100, DC-60, DC-110, DC-280 cyclotron complexes were created. Constant focus on the most advanced trends in accelerator technology and methods of its creation, participation in the organization of projects with subsequent experimental testing allowed Boris Gikal to acquire broad engineering knowledge and experience of the head.

Under his leadership, as the Chief Engineer of the Institute, a number of projects are being implemented to develop engineering infrastructure to ensure reliable and safe operation of existing and newly created JINR basic facilities. Close and effective cooperation with the city administration has been established.

While working, he is distinguished by trusting his team members and being particular about the quality of performing tasks.

For his successful work, B. N. Gikal was awarded honorary diplomas of the Institute, the city, the Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region, Rosatom State Corporation. He was awarded the Veteran of Nuclear Energy and Industry title. For his labour achievements and many years of conscientious work, he was honoured with the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd degree.

The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, colleagues, and friends warmly congratulate Boris Gikal on his 70th birthday and wish him good health, success in his future work, happiness, and well-being!