Charge-exchange process nd → p(nn) at angle 0° in the framework of elastic np → np scattering through angle 180°

Publications, 11 January 2021

We offer to your attention a new preprint «Charge-Exchange Quasi-Elastic Process nd → p(nn) at an Angle of 0° in the Framework of Elastic np → np Scattering through an Angle of 180°» P2-2020-18 published by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Shindin R. A. et al.

The problem of spin physics related to the difference of representations of the elastic interaction between the neutron and the proton is considered. In the first case, the charge-exchange np → pn reaction at the angle θ is supposed, in the second – the simple elastic scattering of np → np, when the neutron is going in the opposite direction π – θ. The transition from one representation to another is provided by the Majorana operator. In the framework of impulse approximation, the quasi-elastic charge-exchange reaction of a neutron on a deuteron is calculated twice. In the framework of nd → p(nn) scattering of proton through the angle θ, the well-known Dean formula is given. Using the other representation nd → (nn)p as a neutron elastic scattering at the angle π – θ (together with neutron-spectator in nn-pair), the alternative formula is presented.

The investigation has been performed at the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics.