Competition for I.M.Frank and F.L.Shapiro scholarships

Grants, 12 November 2018

A competition for I.M.Frank and F.L.Shapiro scholarships for young scientists in 2019 is announced.

Candidates are supposed to send in to FLNP Scientific Secretary (room 76 of the FLNP building) applications and attach the list of publications for the last 5 years and the abstract in Russian (1-2 pages) reflecting a personal contribution to these publications. The deadline is set on 23 November 2018. A recommendation of the Head of the group or sector should be attached to the documents as well.

5 Frank scholarships are awarded annually in the following fields of research:

  • Study of properties of condensed matter by neutron scattering methods;
  • Neutron nuclear physics;
  • Scientific and methodological developments for neutron research;
  • Development of basic facilities.

3 Shapiro scholarships are awarded annually for research in the following fields:

  • Physics of ultracold neutrons;
  • Polarized neutrons;
  • Neutron spectroscopy;
  • Methodological support of experiments in the fields of neutron physics.

A scholarship is awarded for one year. The age of the scholarship holder should not exceed 35 years (as of 31 December of the current year). The size of the scholarship and the number of scholarships for each section can be revised by a joint decision of the FLNP Directorate and the jury. The scholarship is not awarded to the same person for two consecutive years.