Conference of FLNP young scientists and specialists applying to competition of youth grants 2019


We are glad to invite you to the conference of young scientists and specialists of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics applying for the competition of JINR youth grants 2020 that will take place on 9 December 2019, at 10:00 AM, in the International Conference Hall.

Moreover, FLNP staff members, who won AYSS grants for 2019, will present their reports.

Applications and reports should be presented in the form of A0 posters. Poster reports will be assessed by the committee approved by the laboratory’s director.

Young FLNP scientists will also choose the best poster reports (everyone will receive bulletins with the list of the conference participants).

For any inquiries please address to the laboratory’s scientific secretary (, ph. +7 (49621) 6-50-96).

The start of the conference is set on 9 December at 10:00 AM (International Conference Hall)

More detailed programme of the conference will be announced later.