Congratulations from JINR Director on 65th Institute’s anniversary

Organization, 25 March 2021

Dear friends, dear colleagues, members of the international Dubna family,

the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year and puts yet another milestone on the long path of studying fundamental properties of matter by humanity.

JINR was established by the founding states as a scientific and research locomotive driven by the talents and energy of researchers from all over the world to learn the laws of Nature. Over these decades, the world and its geography have changed, but JINR has maintained and strengthened in this dynamic situation its position as one of the leading international scientific centres of the world.

Ambitiousness of scientific tasks, the superiority of the research infrastructure, and the excellent ecosystem of the science city of Dubna are magnets for brave, talented, and science-loving researchers from all over the world.

Today, JINR is one of the three largest international intergovernmental organizations in terms of the number of employees. The Institute is developing vigorously. The unique collider of relativistic heavy ions NICA is being created; the Superheavy Element Factory has been launched; the largest in the Northern hemisphere deep underwater neutrino telescope is being created on lake Baikal; the spectrometer complex is being developed at the world-unique reactor IBR-2M; one of the largest and most productive hyperconvergent information and computing heterogeneous clusters in Russia and Europe is constantly increasing its capacity.

Today, the jubilee and our bright scientific achievements are a great occasion to thank our founders on behalf of the many-thousand international JINR team: we express gratitude to the JINR Member States, as well as to the Associate States and partners of the Institute for their comprehensive support and trust in the Institute.

JINR is a living organism meeting the challenges of the modern world. Following the mission, our Institute is meant to remain a modern dynamic factory of new knowledge that contributes to the search for answers to global questions, which the JINR Member States face and which determine the sustainable development of Mankind. Our main value is the human capital, the intelligence of scientists, engineers, and specialists of the multinational staff: from young researchers to scientific leaders and honoured veterans of the Institute.

Dear friends, dear colleagues, I congratulate all of you on the JINR jubilee. I wish good health and peace to all of you, your families, and your loved ones. I am convinced that the international scientific family In Dubna will continue to grow with talents and bright scientific results of the most ambitious world science. Science brings nations together!

Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Academician Grigory Vladimirovich Trubnikov