Delegation of foreign journalists at JINR

News, 16 June 2016

On 16 June 2016, a group of foreign journalists from Great Britain and Germany visited JINR.

Among the participants there were journalists from such reputable and well-known newspapers and magazines as “New Scientist”, “Gizmag”, “Physics World”, “WeltTrends”, “VDI Nachrichten”, an honoured scientific journalist of Great Britain Steve Connor from “The Independent” and Dr. Springfeld (German Radio). The delegation was accompanied by the press office of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the finalists of the contest “Tech in Media”.

During the press tour, the participants had the opportunity to visit JINR laboratories and get acquainted with the main research directions and flagship projects of the Institute including the megascience project NICA, the DRIBS-III accelerator complex, IBR-2 reactor, the IREN facility etc.

It is planned that such press tours will be held once a month, alternating for foreign and Russian media.

Contacts for accreditation for media days: +7 (496) 216-42-21,