Dubna school students invented a chemical construction set

Education, 27 March 2018

On Saturday, 24 March 2018, at the city school conference, students of the School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector” demonstrated an educational construction set “Mendeleev’s Periodic Table” invented and assembled by them. Young inventers got the first order for production of the set on that day.

The idea to develop the construction set based on the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table was sparked by the father of the heaviest chemical element 118 Oganesson Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian, Scientific Leader of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions JINR.

The team of inventors of this construction set is represented by school students of elementary and secondary schools. The youngest author is a second grade student of the school #8, the eldest inventor is an eight grade students of the school #4.

Thanks to the construction set any child or adult will be able to make up the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table by himself even if he has never seen the Table before. Thus, a user will memorize periodic trends.

The authors of the construction set are preparing now to present their invention at the JINR Days of Physics – 2018 that will be held on 31 March in the JINR Cultural Centre “Mir”.

Natalia Teryaeva, Open Dubna