Evgeny Krasavin turns 80!

Organization, 20 April 2022

20 April 2022 marks the 80th anniversary of RAS Corresponding Member Evgeny Aleksandrovich Krasavin, an outstanding radiobiologist, Chairman of the RAS Scientific Council on Radiobiology, Scientific Leader of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR.

Evgeny Aleksandrovich Krasavin is a famous specialist in fundamental, space, and medical radiobiology. Due to his scientific achievements and good organizational skills, a new separate scientific direction in radiobiology – radiobiology of heavy charged particles – was formed.

He has headed the RAS Scientific Council on Radiobiology for many years. Evgeny Aleksandrovich is an organizer of the youngest laboratory of JINR, the Laboratory of Radiation Biology. During the years of his leadership, LRB JINR has become one of the international scientific centres in radiobiology of heavy charged particles. Now, being the LRB Scientific Leader, Evgeny Aleksandrovich Krasavin continues actively contributing to the steady development of the Laboratory filling it with new ideas.

Using the accelerators of JINR, E. A. Krasavin has solved the problem of the relative biological effectiveness of radiation of different quality, which is the central problem of radiobiology. E. A. Krasavin has proposed and experimentally confirmed a new concept of radiation risk in manned space flights. It mostly aims to consider the possible cognitive impairments when exposed to heavy ions of galactic space radiation that affect the flight crew activities during a flight. He has organized a new scientific direction at JINR – astrobiology. He has proposed a research programme on the synthesis of prebiotic compounds from formamide under the exposure to cosmic rays (protons and multicharged ions) in the presence of catalysts derived from meteorites of various classes. Recently, at the suggestion of E. A. Krasavin, a fundamentally new method of increasing the biological effectiveness of medical proton beams, which suggest the pre-exposure administration of the officinal drug arabinoside (AraC), has been developed and patented. The method allows increasing the biological effectiveness of proton exposure to that of carbon ion exposure. The effectiveness of the new method has been confirmed in a series of experiments on various tumor cell cultures and animals inoculated with a melanoma tumor.

Evgeny Aleksandrovich is actively engaged in pedagogical activity being the Head of the Department of Biophysics of Dubna State University since 1998. He was an organizer of the Department. Many of his students have become famous scientists and continued their scientific activity at JINR.

Friends, colleagues, students warmly congratulate Evgeny Alexandrovich
on his jubilee and wish him good health, new fruitful ideas, and the implementation of creative plans!