Exhibition of Science and Technology Library to 65th JINR jubilee


From 23 March to 9 April, the Science and Technology Library of JINR invites to the exhibition in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Joint Institute.

The pages of books, collections, and photo albums reflect the main areas of activity and international cooperation, scientific achievements, and the history and prospects of the Institute’s development. There are collections dedicated to the previous anniversaries of the Institute, anniversaries of laboratories, books about the history of Dubna and the people of the city. A number of books and collections are dedicated to the Institute’s directors, laboratory directors, and leading scientists whose names have forever entered the history of JINR and the history of science. The photo album “JINR: Modern Times” recently published in the Yaroslavl publishing house “RMP” (edited by V. A. Matveev, compiled by B. M. Starchenko) is of particular interest, as well as photo albums published there, from the series “Portrait against the background of the epoch” dedicated to the anniversaries of outstanding scientists: V. G. Kadyshevsky, M. G. Meshcheryakov, and D. V. Shirkov.

Welcome to the exhibition!