Extrapolation of energies of 21+, 41+, 61+ states in superheavy even–even nuclei

Publications, 16 August 2022

We offer to your attention a preprint “Extrapolation of the energies of the 21+, 41+, 61+ states in the superheavy even–even nuclei” E6-2022-19 published by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are I. N. Izosimov (FLNR JINR) and A. D. Efimov (Admiral Makarov State University, Ioffe Institute of RAS).

Based on the existing correlation between the deformation energy and the lowest excitation energy, estimates were obtained for energy of the 21+ states. The considered systematics of the energy ratios in the rotational band also made it possible to obtain estimates for the 41+ and 61+ states. A comparison with the results of other works was carried out.

The investigation has been performed at the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions JINR.