First issue of Nuclear Physics News journal for 2020 published

Publications, 16 June 2020

We offer to your attention the new issue of the Nuclear Physics News journal 30.1. The Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC) issues this scientific publication four times a year.

We should note that this issue provides a detailed overview of JINR research activities in the article by JINR Vice-Director, Academician B. Yu. Sharkov “JINR at the forefront of nuclear research”. In addition to wide scientific coverage of the fields of nuclear physics, the journal also provides an overview of key topical conferences, including, in particular, events dedicated to the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019).

The NuPECC Committee, which gathers three times a year, consists of representatives of leading nuclear physics laboratories from almost all European countries, associated members from South Africa and Japan, as well as observers from South Africa, Canada, the USA and Asia. It should be reminded that in June 2019, JINR hosted the 95th NuPECC meeting.