FLNP invites to participate in workshop

News, 23 July 2018

The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is organizing a workshop in Dubna dedicated to the new Dubna Neutron Source (DNS-IV).

The aim of the workshop set by its organizers is a comprehensive discussion of new promising physical ideas concerning the DNS-IV source and its infrastructure. Discussions will be mostly focused on advanced moderators and their parameters such as location of moderators, position and size of neutron channels, and etc. as well as issues concerning other special resources necessary for the project’s implementation.

FLNP JINR kindly invites everyone to make presentations and all interested listeners to participate in the meeting.

Date: 6 — 8 December 2018

Venue: International Conference Hall, Dubna

Registration of participants: until 1 September, please address all inquiries to scientific_secretary@nf.jinr.ru

DNS-IV (Dubna Neutron Source of the IV generation) is a proton source controlled by an accelerator and a neutron-forming target. More information is available in the booklet «The neutron source of the fourth generation “SUPER booster NEPTUNE”» published by the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

  Booklet on DNS-IV