General construction work at NICA collider completed by 80%

News, 09 March 2022

The general contractor of the NICA complex STRABAG JSC and the JINR Directorate discussed the status of the construction and installation works at a meeting on 5 March.

On that day, leaders of the NICA project visited the construction site of the complex. 80% of the general construction works is now completed. Installation of engineering systems of the building is increasing, namely of ventilation, power and heat supply, water cooling and cooling, low-current systems. VBLHEP specialists are installing magnets of the future collider in the collider’s tunnel.

Despite the difficulties of the current situation, heads of the general contractor assure that the STRABAG company will make every effort to complete all the works in time and deliver the facility until the end of 2022 according to the schedule.