Director General of ICSTI visited JINR

News, 15 February 2017

Director General of the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) Evgeny Ugrinovich, accompanied by Head of the Department of Information Resources Dmitry Moon visited JINR on 14 February 2017.

At the JINR Directorate the guests were welcomed by JINR Chief Scientific Secretary N.A. Russakovich. The participants of the meeting discussed the experiences and possibilities of cooperation between JINR and ICSTI, in particular, prospects for mutual use of the sites of the organizations for holding of events. In addition, the participants paid attention to some aspects of international cooperation and handling of scientific and technical information. The guests spoke about the main tasks of ICSTI at present and made presentation of the renewed journal “Information and Innovations”.

The representatives of ICSTI visited JINR laboratories: they were acquainted with works on synthesis of superheavy elements at FLNR, with the progress towards construction of the mega-project NICA and met with VBLHEP Director V.D. Kekelidze.