Gil Pontecorvo turns 80

News, 30 July 2018

On 30 July 2018, Gil Brunovich Pontecorvo, Advisor to the Directorate of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, celebrates his 80th anniversary.

Gil Brunovich Pontecorvo has been working in the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems since 1962. During this time, he has participated in a number of scientific and methodological studies, which led to significant results. As a result of many years of conducting scientific and methodological research, G.B. Pontecorvo defended his dissertation to obtain the degree of Doctor of Physics and Maths. While carrying out his scientific activities, Gil Pontecorvo published more than 140 scientific papers, repeatedly reported on the results obtained at international scientific conferences with his participation. High professionalism, charm and sincere friendliness are all about reputation that Gil Pontecorvo earned at the Institute and beyond.

The DLNP Directorate, colleagues, friends and comrades congratulate Gil Pontecorvo on his jubilee and wish him every success in his future work, good health, happiness and inexhaustible optimism!

A.G. Olshevskiy, G.B. Pontecorvo, L. Chifarelli (Italy), V.A. Matveev standing next to the memorial room of B.M. Pontecorvo

DLNP Directorate, colleagues and friends