Grigory Trubnikov and Valery Shvetsov gave talks at AYSS-2021 plenary session

News, 12 October 2021

On 12 October, at the 25th Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS-2021), Director of the Joint Institute Academician Grigory Trubnikov and Director of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR Valery Shvetsov presented reports on the youth policy of the Institute, international cooperation, and research at the JINR neutron sources.

Grigory Trubnikov made an overview report on the results of the Institute’s activities, as well as presented further plans for the modernisation of the existing facilities and experiments. Talking about international cooperation, the JINR Director noted tight contacts with the JINR Member States, in particular, with the Republic of Kazakhstan that had become the first site for the guest AYSS Conference.

Academician Trubnikov specified the fields of the JINR activity in which the Institute’s youth may be actively involved. Among them, he noted the development of the JINR international social environment, the creation of the chain “Lyceum-MSU Branch-International JINR-Dubna Technological University”, formation of new modern standards of JINR with minimal impact on environment and climate, enhancement of infrastructure projects in Dubna, and outreach. Grigory Trubnikov also invited the scientific youth to join the creation of a new exhibition space in the JINR International Conference Hall. The JINR Director touched upon the modernisation of the JINR Topical Plan that had been previously discussed jointly with young researchers of the Institute at the Scientific School “Lipnya-2021” and the “Alushta-2021” Conference held this year. “I am convinced that young scientists and specialists of the Institute should be actively involved in forming its scientific policy,” he noted. Touching upon the participation of young researchers in innovation activities, Grigory Trubnikov proposed “to invite representatives of innovation and high-tech companies and factories of the city to youth conferences”.

FLNP JINR Director Valery Shvetsov continued the programme of the plenary session with his overview report on the activities of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics. Valery Nikolaevich told participants about the FLNP neutron sources and areas of research at them. He drew special attention to applied investigations, in particular, biomonitoring, archaeological studies, etc. within the framework of which FLNP JINR cooperates with a number of organisations from different countries. “We are proud that in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the neutron radiography and tomography facility has been developed in the frames of the scientific and technical cooperation of specialists from FLNP JINR and the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Kazakhstan,” Valery Shvetsov said. Considering the international user policy of FLNP JINR, Valery Shvetsov noted that scientists from Kazakhstan take an active part in all the research areas of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics. “Our Laboratory is open for cooperation and provides methods and tools for studies at the IBR-2 for the international scientific community. We kindly welcome new proposals for experiments and we are waiting for everyone in FLNP JINR,” highlighted the Director of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

The AYSS-2021 Conference will last until 15 October.