“He was a star of the team”: at BLTP seminar on anniversary of birth of Vladimir Kadyshevsky

News, 20 December 2022

On 15 December, a seminar dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding theoretical physicist and organizer of science, Director of the Joint Institute (1992-2005), RAS Academician Vladimir Kadyshevsky was held in the Conference Hall of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR.

Opening the event, Director of BLTP JINR Dmitry Kazakov noted how hard the times were when Vladimir Georgievich was the Director of the Institute. “In the 1990s, the Institute experienced a difficult period, and Vladimir Kadyshevsky, together with the team, made a lot of efforts to keep the organization in the form, in which it was and exists now,” Dmitry Kazakov said. “Vladimir Georgievich was a star in our friendly team. He was a great colleague, lecturer, Head of the Sector, Director of the Institute. He inscribed his name in the history of the Laboratory and JINR. Today we recall him with gratitude,” he said.

Vladimir Kadyshevsky was engaged in the topical issues of particle physics for many years: symmetry and geometry. These words were special to him, he worked in this direction in the 1960s. However, in the 1980s, the scientist decided to return to the theory of fundamental length, on which he wrote his thesis. “It was a dream of his youth. Dmitry Blokhintsev supported this direction at the Institute. Now you can read about the hopes for breakthrough in research on this topic in his diaries, where he mentioned Kadyshevsky’s name,” Dmitry Kazakov added.

Vladimir Georgievich was also engaged in research in the field of curved pulsed space. “Until the last years of his life, he was in love with this area, which may be realised in the future,” the speaker noted. “And although the theory and the entire physical landscape have changed a lot, old ideas often come back. A striking example is string theory.”

The participants of the seminar listened to reports on the topics of academic interests of Academician Kadyshevsky. A BLTP chief researcher Alexey Isaev reported on the universal Lie algebra, Vozhel parameters, and colour factors in non-Abelian gauge field theories. Deputy Scientific Director of VBLHEP Alexander Sorin devoted his report to the decay of a false vacuum and instantons with a quantum core. Colleagues and friends of Vladimir Kadyshevsky shared warm memories of the brilliant theorist.