Important step in implementation of the NICA project

News, 12 April 2019

The beginning of April was marked by yet another small but significant step in implementation of the JINR flagship project – construction of the NICA complex. On 3 April 2019, a favourable conclusion was obtained from the FAI “Glavgosexpertiza of Russia” on the design documentation and results of engineering survey of the object “Placement of the heavy-ion collider NICA in the VBLHEP JINR territory in Dubna with a partial reconstruction of the building 1”.

The first such conclusion was obtained in October 2013. However, the project has undergone drastic changes for the last 5 years that triggered the need to adjust the project documentation and pass the assessment one more time. As in 2013, the current favourable conclusion was obtained at the first attempt.

We congratulate our colleagues – general design engineer CJSC “KOMETA” – on this remarkable success!