In memory of Vladimir Gerdt

News, 24 May 2021

On 24 May, in the Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR, the 22nd Workshop on Computer Algebra started.

The current event is dedicated to the memory of Professor Vladimir Petrovich Gerdt, a famous specialist in the fields of computer algebra and quantum computing, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Head of the Sector of Algebraic and Quantum Computing of the MLIT JINR Scientific Department of Computing Physics. The audience honoured the memory of the scientist with a minute of silence.

Opening the Workshop, MLIT Director Vladimir Korenkov noted that thanks to the creative initiative and international contacts of Vladimir Gerdt this Workshop had gradually developed into a large international conference, and this initiative would be definitely continued by his followers. Honouring the scientific contribution made by Vladimir Gerdt, the MLIT director noted, ‘Nowadays quantum computing, quantum computer science, quantum algorithms, and many other fields Vladimir Petrovich was engaged in are entering the forefront of science, including at our Institute. We implement a large-scale and important project on modelling superheavy elements and finding the boundaries of the periodic law led by Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian. Vladimir Petrovich played an important role in this field. The solution of this extremely complex mathematical task includes the use of quantum algorithms, and in this regard, their development is of particular importance for the solution of a wide range of tasks. In memory of Vladimir Gerdt, we will work together with colleagues in this direction.’

The Workshop gathered more than 200 in-person and online participants and was continued with memories of colleagues and friends of Vladimir Gerdt. Moreover, on the first day of the event, participants paid tribute to Vladimir Petrovich by laying flowers on his grave.

The two-day programme of the seminar aims to cover the topical issues and to discuss the latest trends and results in the development of symbolic and algebraic computations with special attention to their different applications in mathematics, physics and engineering.

Photos by Elena Puzynina