Independence Day of Uzbekistan

Organization, 01 September 2023

1 September marks a national holiday, the Independence Day, or Mustaqillik, of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a Member State of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Uzbekistan joined the Institute as a Soviet Republic in 1956. In June 1992, Uzbekistan became an independent JINR Member State.

At present, the Joint Institute cooperates with Uzbek research institutes and universities on 17 topics of the JINR Topical Plan. The partnership is developing, among other things, in such an advanced area as the ARIADNA applied research complex at NICA. Uzbek scientists are conducting a joint study with BLTP JINR on the mechanisms of quasi-separation, complete and incomplete fusion in heavy ion collisions.

On 8 October 2022, a cloud computer cluster was launched at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan in cooperation with JINR.

Last year, JINR signed several cooperation agreements with universities of Uzbekistan, namely Tashkent State Technical University, Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology, the National University of Uzbekistan, and Samarkand State University. The agreements are aimed at training staff and conducting joint research on nuclear energy and medicine, ecology, nuclear and nanotechnologies, electronics, computer technologies. On 2 – 4 March 2023, a delegation of rectors of universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited the Joint Institute. The goal of the visit was to get acquainted with the Institute and discuss the prospects for the development of the cooperation between JINR and Uzbek universities.

On 26 May, Uzbekistan, a JINR Member State, hosted a meeting of the Committee on Non-Energy Application of Nuclear Technologies of the Advisory Board of the International Research Centre based on the MBIR Reactor.

From 29 May to 27 June, employees of Uzbek scientific centres took part in the 16th International Internship for Young Scientists from the CIS Countries in Dubna. It was organized by the International Innovative Nanotechnology Centre of the CIS countries with the support of the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

JINR Director RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov received a personal commendation from President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The commendation has been given for congratulations by the JINR leader on behalf of the entire international team of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the re-election to a new term.

On 12 – 14 September, the Third International Workshop “Application of nuclear physics methods for the study of cultural heritage objects” will be held in Tashkent. It is organized jointly by FLNP JINR and the the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research congratulates colleagues and partners from Uzbekistan, as well as their relatives, on the Independence Day and wishes them good health, well-being, happiness, and new professional successes for the benefits of science and progress!