International Dark Matter Day was held in Dubna

News, 06 November 2019

International Dark Matter Day, established by the international “Interactions Collaboration” of PR specialists from large-scale scientific centres, was held in the Blokhintsev Universal Public Library of JINR for the third time. As usual, the event combined fun and science.

The lecture by Professor, RAS Corresponding Member, Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR D. I. Kazakov gathered more than 100 visitors. More than 40 children and several dozens of adults participated in quests. A thematic photo zone and an impressive Wilson chamber, a device for registration of tracks of charged particles, were especially popular among the audience.

The event was broadcast in the social media of JINR and on the international website of the Dark Matter Day.

We express our gratitude for help in the arrangement of the event to the staff members of the JINR Universal Public Library, the Social Communication Group of the UC JINR, host of the broadcast S. Gursky, cameraman and director G. Sobolev, JINR staff members D. Klimansky and A. Chetverikov who shared the Wilson chamber, scientific editor of the quests D. Tsyrkov (JINR), volunteers of the Library whose aid in the development of the quests was invaluable.

The event has become traditional thanks to united press secretaries of international scientific and research organizations, such as Argonne, Berkeley Lab, Brookhaven National Lab, CERN, DESY, FermiLab, IN2P3, IceCube, IHEP, INFN, KEK, SLAC, STFC, SURF, Triumf. The event was designed to popularize scientific projects and science at large. JINR is also a member of this collaboration and actively takes part in the organization of international events, including Dark Matter Day and Global Physics PhotoWalk. In October 2019, 18 countries with a total number of 43 events took part in Dark Matter Day. Many of them have been broadcast and the outreach is getting increased.

    • Maria Pilipenko, Anastasia Suschevich
      Photos by Daria Konova