International IT School “Data Science” trains specialists for mega-science projects

News, 07 April 2021

The development of information technologies has increased the demand for specialists in the fields of modern IT technologies. There is a necessity now in the creation of computer infrastructures for mega-science projects and other large-scale projects. In order to train personnel for these realms, the International School “Data Science” has been created at the State University “Dubna” on the initiative of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR Vladimir Korenkov, Director of the Institute of System Analysis and Management of the University “Dubna” Evgenia Cheremisina, a MLIT JINR Senior Researcher, Director of the IT School Oksana Streltsova, and an engineer- programmer at MLIT JINR, Scientific Secretary of the IT School Daria Pryakhina share more details about the International School “Data Science”.

About IT School. Video by Aleksey Vorontsov, LIT JINR

The main task of the School is to train highly qualified IT specialists for the development of computing, mega-science projects, Data Science, digital economy, and other promising areas. Leading specialists from the University “Dubna”, the Laboratory of Information Technologies, and other JINR departments, as well as specialists from IT companies, are involved in the work at the School. Students of the School have an opportunity to work at the latest computing architectures.

The course is designed for 2 years and is constantly updated. Students gain knowledge during the study, which then can be applied to real projects within the JINR departments. The course pays special attention to the projects related to the development of digital platforms for the Large Hadron Collider (CERN, Switzerland), the NICA mega-science project (Dubna), as well as such projects as PIC (St. Petersburg), SKIF (Novosibirsk), Baikal-GVD (lake Baikal), and others.

Involvement of students of the IT School into real promising projects allows students to master the latest IT solutions and technologies, to learn how to work in a team and become highly qualified specialists.

The School trains specialists in such advanced areas as parallel and hybrid computing, grid-cloud and supercomputer applications, artificial intelligence, robotics.

Experience gained during the creation of the IT School at Dubna University will be used when organizing schools on information technologies at other universities of Russia and the JINR Member States. For example, in the frames of the recent visit of the JINR delegation to Vladikavkaz, an agreement was reached to establish an IT school at the North Ossetian State University.

Based on materials of JINR and Dubna University