International Scientific Seminar “Physics and Humanities”

News, 21 November 2018

Everyone interested is kindly invited to attend the International Scientific Seminar «Physics and humanities: world experience and reality of science and humanities in CIS countries» that will be held in the JINR Scientists’ Club in Dubna on 22 – 23 November 2018. The event is organized with the support of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS (IFESCCO), and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR).

The Seminar in Dubna is the second stage of a large-scale International Scientific Seminar “Physics and Humanities: world experience and reality of science and humanities in CIS countries” that has been launched at two sites of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences: it started on 16 November in the ANAS Central Library of Science in Baku, and then was continued on 17 November in the Tusi Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory.

The event is dedicated to study of the interrelation of natural, technical, and human sciences. Moreover, it is aimed at stimulating the interest of the youth in origins of culture and science as well as establishing a fruitful dialogue and cooperation between scientific centres of the CIS.

  Programme of the Seminar (doc, 36 Kb)

Topics of the Seminar:

  • Physicists and lyricists – from disputes and discussions to unity in diversity
  • Realities of Azerbaijani science and literature
  • Mathematics and poetry
  • Embodiment of scientific knowledge in literature
  • Famous lyricist as guests of physicists in Dubna
  • When physicists assist historians: physical methods of research in archaeology
  • Light from the East: interaction and exchange of scientific and technical knowledge between East and West during the Egyptian expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Scientific diplomacy: the soft power of science unites nations

The seminar will be attended by representatives of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the Khazar University, the Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory n.a. Nasreddin Tusi, the Institute of Literature n.a. Nizami Ganjavi, the National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan University of Languages, the MGIMO University, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, the RAS Institute of World History, JINR.