Interrelation of science and society was discussed on “Russia-Kultura” channel

News, 03 October 2019

On 14 September 2019, the “Agora” talk-show with Mikhail Shvydkoy was broadcast on the “Russia-Kultura” TV-channel. Among the guests of the programme were the First Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov and VBLHEP JINR Director, JINR Vice-Director Vladimir Kekelidze. The topic of the discussion was “Science and Society”.

The TV-host who visited Dubna in June 2019 commented the topic with following words: “We will talk about large-scale developments of Russian scientists, fundamental research, discoveries and prospects but not only to find out how the Russian science is developing. We will try to understand how advanced scientific research can be useful for a particular person and society. Is there a demand in society for scientific research? Whether scientists fulfil this demand or not?”

Agora, talk-show with Mikhail Shvydkoy

The agora was a central square in ancient Greek cities where citizens discussed fundamental problems of life, where private problems became public and vice versa, the concerns of society became the concerns of each individual citizen. The “Agora” talk-show with Mikhail Shvydkoy on the “Russia-K” TV-channel is the main platform where participants can discuss topical issues of the time using artistic culture and its link with the society. This programme is about how culture, the arts, science and education influence the society, and how society influences them.