JINR and IN2P3 are to celebrate 50 years of cooperation

News, 21 February 2022

The 32nd Meeting of the Joint Committee on the Collaboration IN2P3-JINR took place on 18 February in the video conference format. The parties presented progress in the implementation of scientific projects, prospects for cooperation. The organizations are going to celebrate the half-century jubilee of cooperation this year, so participants have discussed a number of joint events scheduled for 2022.

Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Grigory Trubnikov and Director of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics (IN2P3) Reynald Pain presented the latest results and further plans of the organizations.

The parties traditionally discussed the financial support for cross-participation in projects. Specialists of the Joint Institute will continue taking part in the SuperNEMO, SPRIAL2, and other experiments. The scientific centres will continue jointly participating in a number of large-scale international projects. This year, the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions expects to start an experiment jointly with French colleagues on the production of high-intensity titanium and chrome beams.

Participants of the event paid special attention to the discussion of the extension of cooperation fields, in particular, in the area of quantum computing and radiobiology. The parties found that life sciences, which are currently being actively developed at JINR, maybe another promising domain for cooperation enhancement. In this regard, the parties expressed their intention to continue the dialogue on the cooperation development that started on 18 May 2021 with the webinar “Perspective of collaboration development between JINR and IN2P3 in the next decades”. To stimulate academic exchange, participants proposed drafting a joint youth talent academic research programme.

Moreover, to celebrate the jubilee of the cooperation and further discuss the cooperation enhancement, participants suggested actively using large-scale conferences held by the parties. In particular, JINR has offered for this purpose the upcoming events scheduled for the conference in honour of the 65th anniversary of FLNR at the end of May, the 10th EXON Symposium on Exotic Nuclei in Peterhof in early July, the traditional NEC Symposium on Nuclear Electronics and Computing in Budva scheduled for early September. Another venue for it may be the “International workshop on Exploring High Baryon Density Matter at the JINR NICA Facility” in mid-December. This event will be dedicated to the scheduled completion of magnets installation in the NICA collider tunnel. JINR is pleased to invited French colleagues to take part in and share the joy of the success at the next stage of the NICA complex construction.

The parties expressed hope for resuming personal meetings soon and their importance for continuing the dialogue on the cooperation deepening.