JINR co-organizes prestigious MoNeTec-2022 conference

News, 28 October 2022

On 27 October, the 4th International Science and Technology Conference Modern Network Technologies MoNeTec-2022 was launched at the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI, Moscow). The Joint Institute was a co-organizer of the event.

At the conference, Vladimir Korenkov, Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR and member of the Conference Programme Committee, made a joint report with a representative of the Kurchatov Institute Yury Gugel on the JINR network infrastructure for processing, storage, and analysis of data for experiments at LHC. There are about 200 data centres for data processing for this experiment, but the Tier-1 centre at JINR is in the forefront, satisfying all the high demands for data processing from LHC. “The report has aroused great interest because Russia has created an important segment of the world’s network infrastructure with record characteristics. The participants asked questions not only about the presented topic, but also the operation of the JINR network infrastructure for data processing and analysis from CERN,” Vladimir Korenkov commented on the report.

There will also be a section of short presentations at the Conference. FLNR JINR Senior Engineer Andrey Baginyan will represent JINR at the event with a talk about the JINR local network infrastructure and the way it is organized.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that JINR participates in the MoNeTec-2022 Conference. The Institute attended the two previous Conferences, the last of which was co-organized by JINR just like that of this year.

Among the MoNeTec-2022 organizers are MTUCI, Applied Research Centre for Computer Networks, and the Consortium of Russian Universities Network and Cloud Technologies. JINR plays an essential role there. The conference will last until 29 October.

MoNeTec-2022 aims at discussion on promising and relevant technologies in the field of network resource virtualization and cloud computing, and the use of artificial intelligence methods. A school for young scientists, undergraduate and postgraduate students on network technologies and the application of domestic solutions will be held within the framework and on the topic of MoNeTec-2022. This year, the Conference attracted more than 250 participants from 13 countries.