JINR Days in Armenia

Organization, 24 October 2016

The JINR Days in Armenia dedicated to the 60th anniversary of JINR were held on 19-22 October 2016 in Yerevan. A JINR delegation headed by JINR Director V.A. Matveev consisting of 15 leading scientists and leaders of JINR, representing virtually all the laboratories of the Institute and the UC, came to Armenia to participate in the events in the frames of the JINR Days.

The ceremonial opening of the JINR Days in Armenia was held in the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts and it gathered representatives of the State committee of science of Armenia, the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, the Yerevan State University (YeSU), the Yerevan Physics Institute (YePI) and other scientific organizations. Welcoming speeches were made by Minister Counselor of the RF Embassy in Armenia A.P. Ivanov, Senior Counselor of the Embassy of Belarus in Armenia D.G. Semenovich., Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan in Armenia T.B. Urazaev.

Chairman of the State Committee on Science of Armenia, JINR Plenipotentiary of Armenia S. Harutyunyan spoke in his report about an important project of the Yerevan Physics Institute, the PET-tomography diagnostic center which was originally initiated by JINR in 2006. It is expected that the diagnostic center will be opened in 2017.

JINR Director V.A. Matveev in his reply report paid special attention to the current major projects of JINR which are being implemented in cooperation with Armenian scientific centers. In particular, successful cooperation was demonstrated at the injector of the Yerevan synchrotron LUE-75 in testing of the crystals of the calorimeter manufactured in the DLNP JINR for the MU2E experiment. Two runs have been already implemented and two more will be implemented in 2017.

New cooperation of JINR with another scientific center of Armenia, Garni Geophysical Observatory (GGO) was recognized as successful. The inclinometer developed in the DLNP JINR for monitoring of beams at the LHC CERN, can be tested in tasks of seismology for the early prediction of earthquakes. An agreement between JINR and GGO has already been signed which, in particular, presumes the allocation of one Precision Laser Inclinometer (PLI) in the geophysical tunnel of this Observatory in February-March 2017.

A meeting of the JINR Directorate with President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan took place on 19 October and meetings with Yerevan Mayor T. Margaryan and RA NAS President R. Martirosyan were held in the following days.

On 20 October, the JINR delegation visited the Yerevan State University, where University Rector A. Simonyan awarded the title of “YeSU Honorary Doctor” and YeSU Gold Medal to V.A. Matveev for development of science and strengthening of scientific relations between Russia and Armenia.

On 21 October, the JINR delegation visited the CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute and A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute), where, in particular, they got acquainted with the diagnostic centre with the 18/18 CICLON cyclotron of the IBA company for radioisotopes production for PET tomography.

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Press of Armenia about the JINR Days

President Serzh Sargsyan received delegation of scientists headed by the Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor, academician Victor Matveev on 19 October 2016. The delegation has arrived to participate in the conference titled the Days of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Armenia. The Conference will take place in Yerevan on 19-22 October and dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and Armenia’s 25th anniversary of membership to the Institute.

The President of Armenia greeted the guests and stressed the importance of conducting the Conference in Yerevan, which gathered under one roof renowned scientists from 17 states members of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, high level guests, heads of the diplomatic missions of the Institute’s member states.

Serzh Sargsyan said that convening of the Conference and organization of the meetings in one place is a good opportunity for the representatives of the scientific community, especially for young scientists, to have a direct contact with the individuals who have reached profound results in their area of expertise. According to the President, this is also an opportunity to establish a dialogue between different scientists and the bearers of various cultures and traditions, who represent different scientific schools. It will create new directions for cooperation and will allow to discuss current issues existing in the scientific field. The President of Armenia stressed the importance of the engagement of the Armenian scientists in the international scientific programs.

President Sargsyan underscored that Armenia within the limits of her ability is enhancing comprehensively the development of sciences and encourages development in the Armenian economy of the science-based branches.

On behalf of his delegation, Victor Matveev thanked the President for hosting the Conference on a high level, spoke about the works and forthcoming programs of the Institute. The Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research noted with satisfaction that since Armenia’s accession to the Institute, in the last 25 years our country has been participating actively in the works of the Institute.

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The international conference “JINR Days in Armenia” dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is being held on 19-22 October 2016 in Yerevan. Armenian scientists played a significant role in the establishment and development of the JINR since its inception. In 1992, Armenia became a member of the Institute as an independent state.

Armenia would like to have more of its university and post-graduate students to be involved in educational programs of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna (Russia), Armenian education and science minister Levon Mkrtchyan told a 4-day international conference in Yerevan today devoted to the 60th anniversary of JINR.

The minister noted that Armenia’s membership in this prestigious research center allows it to develop nuclear and information technology, as well as train personnel.

In his words, currently 12 representatives of Armenia work at JINR, carrying out different programs in the areas which are impossible in Armenia. He noted that due to cooperation with JINR Armenia is involved in basic research, and is able to develop scientific and technical cooperation with leading nuclear centers.

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