JINR Days in Bulgaria were opened!

Organization, 08 April 2016

The JINR Days in Bulgaria, the founder country of JINR, were opened today, on 7 April 2016, in Sofia, in the Museum of the Human and Nature.

It was opened with a warm welcome speech of the JINR Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria, Professor Latchesar Kostov. Latchesar Kostov noted the sustainable cooperation of Bulgaria and JINR, remarkable results achieved in joint projects and significant plans for further cooperation.

The exhibition will be opened for the public for the next two weeks and then will move to the Parliament of Bulgaria and then to the University of Sophia.

Within the opening the audience had a chance to watch the movie which was made By the Bulgarian Journalist Maria Cherneva for the FIRST national channel of Bulgaria about JINR and the Bulgarian scientists which work in JINR. She also made a welcome speech during the Opening.