MIPT Department at JINR invites to master’s and postgraduate studies

Education, 28 June 2022

MIPT Department at JINR invites to master’s and postgraduate studies. The Department of Fundamental and Applied Problems in Microworld Physics is one of the basic departments of Landau Phystech School of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Its students and postgraduates are able to intern at the JINR basic facilities and to find a job at the Institute after graduation.

The Department is aimed at training highly-qualified specialists in such fields as:

  • experimental physics of atomic nuclei and elementary particles;
  • relativistic nuclear physics and heavy ion physics;
  • theoretical physics;
  • neutron physics and neutron methods of material research;
  • condensed matter physics;
  • radiation biology and medicine;
  • creation of radiation detectors, high-speed electronics and automated data collection systems;
  • grid technologies and distributed computing systems.

A RAS Corresponding Member, Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR Dmitry Kazakov is Head of the Department. Doctors and candidates of sciences, heads of structural departments, and JINR employees with experience in advanced world scientific projects are among professors of the Department.

The Department trains both theoretical and experimental physicists. Moreover, starting with first course years, students can take part in international research programmes including the key JINR scientific projects, like the launch of the NICA accelerator complex, research at the Baikal Neutrino Telescope, the development of cyclotrons for radiological medicine, search for new physics beyond the Standard Model, study of phase transitions in hot and dense hadron matter and mixed quark-hadron phase, work on the problem of dark matter and astrophysical aspects of elementary particle physics, nuclear physics experiments at the IBR-2 pulsed fast neutron reactor, and others. It is also possible for students to participate in international experiments.

The Department is based in the JINR University Centre located in Dubna.

Graduates of the Department will have a chance to work as researchers at JINR and other scientific centres conducting research at megascience facilities. They will be able to become leading researchers, managers of various levels in research organizations. In addition, graduates will be in demand among innovative enterprises of the Special Economic Zone “Dubna”.

On 28 June, at 6:00 PM, MIPT invites to the online presentation of the JINR Department. Applicants will learn about admission to the Department and exams, the curriculum, the JINR infrastructure and its laboratories, topics of theses, the scholarship programme, and career opportunities.

Presentation broadcast of the basic JINR Department of Landau Phystech School of MIPT

Find more details in the Telegram channel of the Department.