JINR going to increase electrical power capacity for scientific facilities

News, 05 May 2023

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is going to reconstruct the main step-down substation No. 620 “Sestra” located at the technical site of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems. As a result, the reliability and safety of power supply to the Institute’s and city facilities will increase. At the same time, the permitted power of the substation will allow specialists to connect new JINR facilities to it in the future.

At present, the approved power of 32,000 kVA of the step-down substation for 110/10 kV with an area of about 5,900 square meters is fully used. In 2009, the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Oversight (Rostekhnadzor) closed the substation to connect new facilities.

During the reconstruction, at the substation, specialists will put up two modular buildings for protection relays, switchgear sets for 10 kV, a DC board, and a battery. They will update the equipment of outdoor switchgears and rearrange the current building of the central control room of the substation. It will increase the total transformer capacity of the substation up to 64,000 kVA.

The total investment of the Institute will be about 1 billion roubles.

The Ministry of Housing Policy of the Moscow Region gave a building permit within the framework of the reconstruction. The forthcoming renovation will help the substation operate safely and improve the reliability of power supply to the Institute’s and city facilities. It will also increase the permitted power by 9.5 megawatts for the current and future scientific facilities of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, the Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies, the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, the Laboratory of Radiation Biology.