JINR hosts 10th Meeting of Group of Senior Officials on Global Research Infrastructures

News, 06 October 2017

On 10 – 11 October 2017, the second stage of the 10th Meeting of Group of Senior Officials on Global Research Infrastructures, which is being held in the Russian Federation this year, will be held in the International Conference Hall in Dubna.

The Group of Senior Officials (GSO) proactively works to identify opportunities for international collaboration among Research Infrastructures that are proposed by its members: it has identified five Case Studies and has carried out an analysis on their potential as Research Infrastructures for global collaboration.

The Meeting will be held from 9 to 12 October 2017 in three Russian cities: Moscow, Dubna and Gatchina. This will be followed by meetings in the United States of America in Spring 2018 and the United Kingdom in Autumn 2018.

Sessions of the Meeting will be held in the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” on 9 October, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research on 10 – 11 October and the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P. Konstantinov on 12 October. The meeting is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the support of the National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute» (NRC KI, Moscow), Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna), the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P. Konstantinov (PNPI, Gatchina) and the International Centre for Innovations in Science, Technology and Education (ICISTE, Moscow).

JINR Director Victor Matveev, Vice-Director Richard Lednický, Chief Scientific Secretary Alexander Sorin, Deputy Director Boris Sharkov, Head of ICD Dmitry Kamanin, Advisor to the JINR Directorate Marina Tumanova, FLNP Director Valery Shvetsov, FLNR Scientific Secretary Alexander Karpov, VBLHEP Scientific Secretary Dmitry Peshekhonov and Head of BLTP Sector Sergey Nedelko will take part in the work of Meeting’s sessions in Dubna.

Besides the participation in GSO sessions GSO delegates will visit basic facilities of the NRC KI, JINR and PNPI. The the frames of the Dubna stage of the Meeting, participants will be acquainted with the accelerator complex of the mega-science project NICA which is being developed in the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics, the Cyclotron complex of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, where the guests will be given a lecture on the research activities of the Laboratory, and also the Research reactor IBR-2 in the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

The GSO, since March 2011, has been chaired once by the European Commission, the United Kingdom and Australia, and twice by South Africa, Germany and Italy. The current Chair is Italy.