JINR invites students to take part in the Olympiad “I am a professional”

Education, 22 October 2020

We invite bachelor, specialist and master degree students to take part in the fourth season of the All-Russian Student Olympiad “Ya proffesional” (“I am a professional”) that has started in early October.

What is “I am a professional”?

“I am a professional” is a large-scale new-format educational Olympiad for students of various courses: engineering, humanities, natural sciences. Tasks for students are invented by experts from leading Russian universities and the largest companies of the country. Not an abstract erudition is checked but professional skills. The best participants receive prize money, benefits for admission to master and postgraduate studies, as well as prove themselves to employers.

JINR and the Olympiad “I am a professional”

This year, thanks to the active support from JINR, a new section was added to the tasks, namely “Physics and technologies of unique mega-science facilities”. The proposal to introduce this new field was made by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. It is also the supervisor of the new section.

One of the priorities of the JINR staff policy is to attract talented young specialists to work in the frames of the NICA mega-science project. The launch of the NICA accelerating complex is planned for 2022, and to ensure its stuffing, the Joint Institute needs to attract more than 300 researchers and engineers in the next four years. Candidates should be competent in the design and development of high-precision particle detectors, superconducting technology, accelerator physics, high-performance computing and work with big data.

JINR is ready to welcome participants of the Olympiad for training, as well as to enrol jointly with the MIPT the winners of the Olympiad for master and postgraduate study at the JINR-Based Department at MIPT.

JINR’s areas of interest at the Olympiad:

  • Physics
  • Nuclear physics and technology
  • Physics and technology of unique scientific mega-science facilities

It should be noted that four Universities out of six that have JINR-based Departments take part in the Olympiad “I am a professional”, namely MEPhI, MSU, SPBU, and MIPT.

How to take part?

Until 24 November, you should register for the Olympiad. To do this, it is necessary to fill in the registration form, to choose the section you would like to take part in and download the document confirming the status of a student at a Russian university.

The selection stage for chosen sections will be held online from 27 November to 13 December with the support of the technical partner “Yandex” with which JINR cooperates in the fields of education. Participation is free for everyone. The results will be published in mid-January.