JINR participated in discussion on problems of radiobiology

News, 12 December 2022

On 6 December, a joint meeting of Bureau of Preventive Medicine Section of RAS Department of Medical Science and Radiobiological society of RAS was held at the site of the Burnasyan State Medical Centre of FMBA of Russia chaired by RAS Academician Vitaly Zverev. Chairman of the RAS Scientific Council on Radiobiology, Scientific Leader of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR, Corresponding member of RAS Evgeny Krasavin, who took part in the meeting, was awarded the Honorary Certificate of RAS during the event.

Questions of interdisciplinary cooperation between Scientific Councils and Radiobiological society were discussed in order to consolidate efforts to solve fundamental and applied tasks in fields of radiobiology and radiation medicine. Evgeny Krasavin emphasised the timeliness of this event in his speech. “At the meeting of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Krasnikov with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the important role of the Councils of RAS was discussed. They should play the role of transmission belts in the implementation of government programmes. And it is remarkable that representatives of different Councils who work on solving fundamental and applied tasks, united by a term “Radiation research”, are present at this meeting,” he noted.

Evgeny Krasavin drew attention to the fact that after the Chernobyl accident, it was the Institute of Biophysics, the successor of which is the Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Centre, that assumed the demanded role of the uncreated Institute of Radiobiology. He told about the role of fathers the patriarchs Gleb Mikhailovich Frank, Andrey Vladimirovich Lebedinsky and Honorary President of FMBC Leonid Andreevich Ilyin, who stood at the foundation of the Institute of Biophysics and, in fact, determined the directions of development of the Scientific Council of RAS on Radiobiology. This is the brilliant merit of Leonid Andreevich and his successor Alexander Sergeevich Samoilov. The Council on Radiobiology rightfully considers Burnasyan FMBC the leading organization in the field of radiobiology, which has united brilliant specialists, many of whom supervise a number of scientific areas in the Council.

Corresponding member of RAS Alexander Samoilov, Director-General of the Burnasyan FMBC delivered a programme report at the seminar devoted to the role of radiation medicine in providing protection from the effects of ionizing radiation. He conducted a retrospective analysis of the knowledge accumulated in RF and the successes achieved since the foundation of the Institute of Biophysics in 1946. In the programme part of the report, priority directions for the development of radiation medicine were formulated from the search and development of means for the prevention and treatment of human radiation pathology to the creation of a unified system of radiation-hygienic response and comprehensive monitoring of medical aspects of protecting people in case of radiation incidents.

A festive ceremony of awarding Honorary Certificates of RAS was held at the meeting. Evgeny Krasavin was awarded for his significant contribution to the development of Russian science in the field of radiobiology, effective scientific and organizational activities, fruitful work on the training of highly qualified scientific personnel, and in connection with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Scientific Council of RAS on Radiobiology at the Department of Physiological Sciences of RAS. Together with him, Sergey Andreev, Andrey Bushmanov, Alexander Grebenyuk, Vladimir Naydich, Lev Rozhdestvensky, Natalia Sanzharova, and Irina Zamulaeva were awarded with certificates.